April 6, 2020

Preaching For Grownups: Mark 10:35-52

Today’s Lectionary passage in the Gospel of Mark was the requests of James and John, Jesus’ response and his teaching on greatness and servanthood. I would have titled this something like “What’s Wrong With Ambition?”

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Listen here to: “What’s Wrong With Ambition?” Mark 10:35-52


  1. Michael, What Lectionary website would you or one of your gangstas recommend? Also, is there a print edition that you would highly recommend? Thanks in advance!

  2. Excellent sermon, Michael.

  3. Another good lectionary resource is Textweek — http://textweek.com.

    Another good sermon, Michael, btw.

  4. Thank you Michael and thank you Jeremy!

  5. Great sermon, Michael.

    A question I have on the topic, however, is how we can differentiate between vain, pride-fueled ambition and a desire for making the best use of our God-given gifts? For instance, what a loss it would be if people like Henri Nouwen, Brennan Manning or Thomas Merton restricted themselves to preaching inside the walls of monasteries and churches instead of enriching the lives of their million readers… as well, this blog is a way for you to reach much more people than you ever could in rural Kentucky, and I don’t think your efforts can be labeled as “ambition”.

  6. Refusal to use our God given gifts and opportunities isn’t avoiding the sin of pride. It’s despising God’s work in creation and redemption. I see people who refuse to do things that are much needed saying they don’t want to be “prideful,” but I consider that false humility.

  7. Hi

    Anybody else having trouble listening? I haven’t been able to listen since the move from I tunes.