November 30, 2020

Preaching for Grown-Ups: Mark 13

Today’s Gospel reading was Mark 13:1-8. There’s a chapter with “Can o’ Worms” written all over it.

When I deal with this chapter, I try to show that the parts of the chapter that are easily understood plainly give us instructions on what we are to be doing and not doing. Hope this message is helpful for you. I didn’t read all of the chapter but that would be helpful for you as you listen.

Preaching for Grown-ups is my lectionary preaching at a small Presbyterian Church where I am privileged to supply. It’s the one time during the week I’m not preaching to mostly or exclusively teenagers, hence the name.

Listen to: “Mark 13: What to do While the World Falls Apart.”


  1. Jesus didn’t come to give us political power, to bless what we were going to do anyways, but to seek and save the lost. Wow! Preach it!

  2. Nice.

    Two things that stood out to me this time through the lectionary:

    1) How badly people want to be able to tell the future.

    2) How we think of our impact on the world as something so permanent, yet one day “not one stone will be left upon another.” Our small group reflected on the fact that, other than our church building and a few others, most of the people that lived in 1905 San Francisco would not recognize ANY of it today–it’s all gone.