June 4, 2020

Prayers for Those Affected by Storms

I thought these prayers, sent out from the ELCA, might be helpful to those who want to voice their concerns to God regarding our neighbors being affected by Hurricane Sandy:

* * *

Prayer for those in the midst of the storm:

Merciful God,

when the storms rage and threaten to overtake us,
awaken our faith to know the power of your peace.
Deliver us from our fear and ease our anxiety.
Help us to endure the time of uncertainty
and give us strength to face the challenges ahead.
Give us the assurance of your presence even in this time
so that we can cling to your promise of hope and life shown to us through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

Prayer for those suffering from storms:

Loving God,
in the communion of Christ, we are joined with the trials and sufferings of all.
Be with those who endure the wind and rain of hurricane Sandy.
Protect those in the path of danger.
Open the pathway of evacuations.
Help loved ones find one another in the chaos.
Provide assistance to those who need help.
Ease the fears of all and make your presence known in the stillness of your peace;
Through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.


  1. Who said “Why take life so serious? It ain’t no-how permanent.” I think it was Albert of Walt Kelly’s Pogo strip.
    As I sit here (just north of Philadelphia) watching, waiting, wondering, praying, I’m impressed with the futility of investing heavily in the material things of the world. Not that I have, exactly. I do hope the old shack I live in holds up, and the monster oak tree in the back yard doesn’t smash anybody. Mostly, I pray that whatever happens, I will come through this more committed to investing in what lasts.

    • I can’t believe what I am seeing when I look out my window… Stay safe guys… According to WTOP wind gusts are at 50 mph and increasing at Reagain National. Yikes!! Thanks for the prayers Chaplin Mike! That was re-assuring….

      • Headless Unicorn Guy says

        Both my writing partners are in Sandy’s path — one in the Lehigh Valley/Allentown area, the other near Harrisburg.

        • Headless ~ morning after storm report. My family is in Lehigh Valley and they lost power and one had an evergreen come down in yard but other than that they seemed to have survived very well. I live near Hbg. and this storm for us was less damaging than the previous 2 that we had. Hope your partners are okay.

        • Headless Unicorn Guy says

          Preliminary after-action report:

          Harrisburg area contact — All OK. Eyewall passed within two miles of my contact, but power and phone are still on.

          Lehigh Valley contact — Power outage of a couple hours; lost some siding off the house.

  2. I just read about the HMS Bounty sinking and 14 people were rescued. Two are still missing. I pray for them! One is the captain, Robin Walbridge, and the other is a Claudine Christian. I saw this ship this summer in Eastport Maine and it was very impressive. I spoke to a man who worked on the ship and he was very proud to be a part of it. 🙁

  3. My power went out in the DC area and as I was lighting candles it came back on. I think I’m on borrowed time.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Somebody who thinks God has him on speed-dial already shooting off his mouth about Sandy being God’s Punishment for fill-in-the-blank?

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Two Christian sources whom God has on speed-dial already weighing in. Surprise — Sandy was God Punishing Us for (1) not supporting Israel and/or (2) homosexuality.

      And those Brights Who Have Evolved Beyond All That are also weighing in. Al Gore started the chorus blaming us for Sandy because of — Guess What? GLOBAL WARMING. (Or Man-Bear-Pig — same difference. We must abase and mortify ourselves before The Plaaaaanet to atone for harming Her…)

  4. Here in Central PA I’m remembering that as beautiful as creation is, its beauty is confined and raging and wounded and waiting waiting waiting.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful prayers Chaplain Mike. I too am in Central PA – 60 mph winds as I write. Heavy rains. Still have power – many in area are without it. How good it is to know that people are praying and that utility workers etc. are coming from all parts of the country to help us putting themselves in harms way. How many times have I watched other parts of the country, or other countries go through a natural disaster and seen people rush to help. Now it is our turn to need help. Thank you.

  6. Claudine Christian’s body was found. The captain of the HMS Bounty has not been found yet.

  7. Christiane says

    “Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes He calms the sailor”
    (source, unknown)