January 24, 2021

Poetry Slam ’09

One of the events I am responsible for at the ministry where I serve is a poetry slam. Competitors must perform an original poem. Non-competitors are either adults or are performing non-original work.

Here are four of the poems from last week’s slam. I’ll add some more later.

First, my wife Denise Day Spencer. Second, my daughter Noel Cordle. Third, one of my students, Zunilda Lynch, performing the Inauguration Poem “Praise Song for the Day.” Finally, our student winner for the second year in a row, Emel Curtis.


  1. A lot of fun! Thank you. Was Denise Spencer really a crowd favorite? or was that the editor of love?

  2. There were ( I think ) 22 poets. All were well received.

  3. Nice! Mad props to Zunilda, too! (Though I have to admit that I *liked* Elizabeth Alexander’s reading at the inauguration. Nice attention to rhythm and so on…)

    Hoping you’ll post more soon, iMonk.

  4. Kudos to you as an educator. i know you are a fan of public school for what it did for you, but brother, it ain’t what it used to be. honestly id a public school teacher tried to put this together
    on his/her own time the other teachers would protest. You would need a “Slam coach” as a paid position. School board would most likely hire the football coach, he is short of money.

  5. Wow! Emel’s poem, and his delivery, are really fantastic. I enjoyed all of them.


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