August 12, 2020

Pictures Of Fall

My favorite time of year is autumn. I love the colors, the smells, the crispness of the air. Recently my camera and I ventured out to enjoy a fall day in Oklahoma (with one picture from Louisville tucked in). Even if fall is not your favorite time of year, I hope you enjoy.

Cuban Taxi

Who, me?

Ghost pumpkins

Colorful gourds

Wagonload of squash


  1. Another 4 years of Obama and we’ll all be driving cars like that.

    (sorry Jeff…I couldn’t resist :D)

    • David Cornwell says

      Looks to be a 1950 Plymouth. My first car, when I was 19 in 1957 was a ’50 Plymouth, black, 2 door. Up to that point I’d driven my dad’s cars and trucks, but finally had my own. What I really wanted was a little souped up Ford, but my dad didn’t like the looks of it (or so he said).

      Soaking up the Autumn weather, will soon be gone.

      • I loved the automobile photos in your photostream, David (yesterday’s post Get Small). And everything else in there too. Nice work.

        • David Cornwell says

          Ted, thanks for your kind words. This is auto country, with the Hudson Museum just a few miles away, Studebaker not so far, and the The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum within about 30 minutes of me.

          And taking pictures is a way I try to be creative, to relax, and to walk.

  2. I love goats and spaghetti squash.

    In my much younger years I was a shepherd for goats; dairy and mohair. Goats are awesome. I miss goats. Watching a determined French Alpine walk right through an electric fence (and then shake it off), pop over the 8ft woven wire, just so it can head butt a barking dog…. the dog thought that sucked. Priceless. The Alpines all had such a cool and collected approach to life. I wish I had 1/3rd the cool they had.

    And spaghetti squash really does taste sort of like spaghetti. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. Lo-cal, no-fat, and tasty. How often is that a combination?

  3. I initially thought, from the title of the post, that some pics of Adam and Eve had been discovered :^)

    Good pictures. Fall is the best time of the year. Since your were in Oklahoma, thought you might have taken in a OU or OSU game as well.

  4. Autumn is my favorite time of year, also, and here in central VA next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, October is especially wonderful! Leaves of colors everywhere, bright blue skies with warm days and crisp nights, and the smells……as much as I love springtime and Christmas and snow and swimming, it doesn’t get any better than right now.

  5. Those are colorful gourds, not squash! A Warren county boy should know better 😉

    Southwestern Ohio is having one of the most beautiful Autumns since we have lived here. Today will be the last of a stretch of absolutely glorious upper 70s-80 degree days….stepping away from the computer now and going to enjoy it! Tomorrow’s rain and wind will, alas, take down many of the leaves.

  6. Nice pictures! I too like autumn the most.

  7. The purple legs tell me that the bodies belong to engineering students. My son is in his first year of Mechatronics engineering and got died purple from head to toe.