December 4, 2020


By Chaplain Mike

Today’s Gospel: John 20:19-23

enclosed in a dark house
alone with my own fear
reluctant to go out, to deal with life
to exert the energy it takes
to listen to my tiresome neighbor
complain about his cable service
and the jerks who let their dogs
crap on his lawn
too spent to bring in the trash cans
that lie like fallen soldiers
sprawled along the curb
to go out and get my groceries
for heaven’s sake
i catch a glimpse of the clock
it’s time for bed i guess

the night passes
and with it a thunderstorm
unstable spring air rushing through
with sound and light show
like waves crashing the quarterdeck
the spray slaps the screen hard
i throw off the sheets
and still the flapping curtains
with a tug on the window
then fall back on my mattress
to twist and turn ’til dawn

morning brings peace
the air is distinctly cooler
remnant drops of night showers
shimmer on thirsting, greening grass
i poke my head out the screen door
and find that i can breathe
careful not to spill my coffee
i step out on the glistening deck
a bit like monet, i think
as i look around the neighborhood

i’ll have some breakfast
maybe even venture out today
haven’t felt like this for awhile
come to think of it, i wouldn’t mind
seeing frank down at the store
i heard he lost his wife
probably could use a lift, a friend
i’ll offer to buy him lunch
we can talk about the storm
and the morning


  1. On top of all that, then to get spam comments right off the bat.

    It almost seems sadly fitting.

    This is the law at work in our lives. Not as so many R. Comfort devotees believe “Have you ever stolen a paperclip?…then you are a thief!”

    As Jim Nestengin says, “all the ways we are ‘being had’ in this world..that’s the crushing weight of the law”

  2. beautiful poem… fluid & real.

  3. I echo Gail, beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. thanks for this. this exact scenario is happening right now,down to the trash cans and not even being able to get the energy to go for groceries and toilet paper. also a thunderstorm just went through and cooled us off. i have struggled with depression since my husband died. this poem just makes me believe that god sees me, my life and how i feel, like he even sees a sparrow.