January 16, 2021

Open Thread: Who are Your Write-In Candidates for President and Vice-President?

OK frustrated voters. Let’s help each other out.

Who will be your “write-in” candidates for the national ticket?

I’m strongly tempted to write in Al Mohler for President and Ken Silva for VP. These two guys are predictable conservatives who know everything.

Right behind them: T.D. Jakes and Paula White. They can get us out of this financial crisis if we’ll just sow a little seed faith money.


  1. President: Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Vice-President: Bruce Willis

    Our foreign policy will be a combination of Terminator meets die hard.

    Nobody messes with America now!

  2. Chuck Baldwin

  3. Ben Witherington III / Shane Claibourne

  4. TommyMertonHead for President.

    Lobbyists not bearing bourbon fudge can all go home.

  5. Rob Lofland says

    For President: Senor Wences
    For VP: the hand

  6. Homer Simpson and Daffy Duck.

  7. Beavis and Butthead.

  8. Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt. We’ll just redefine our problems.

  9. I’m taking a hint from Brewster:

    “none of the above”

    (because it’s not a printed option on our ballot here)

  10. I’m writing myself in for President. This is the first election where I’m eligible to hold the office (turned 35 last year) and I’m the only one I trust. The main plank of my platform is the elimination of Daylight Saving Time. See my website (liked with my name above) for more details.

    I haven’t yet decided who I’m going to write in as Vice President.

  11. Mark Driscol for pres! He would surround himself with tough dudes to protect the USA. Anybody who preaches with barbed wire in the back ground is tough.
    Michael Spencer for Veep! The V.P.’s main duty is to go to funerals of foreign leaders. He could put his sad face on and the world would think we really care.

  12. Chuck Baldwin, although he is on the ballot in KS on the Reform party.

  13. willoh,


  14. Harry Truman. He was the last one I really trusted. Plus being dead should not disqualify one from holding office. And he’ll be the most conservative of all: nothing would ever change.

  15. And if elected I will gladly serve. 🙂

  16. How about Tony Campolo and Mark Lowry – Tony – for all that I do disagree with him on many things seems a likeable guy, and Mark would be the much needed sense of humor for the entire country…


  17. Well “A,” I’m not sure America is ready to elect a gay man as President. (ducks/runs)

  18. Cookie Monster for President

    Oscar the Grouch for Vice President

  19. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    If you’re in California, make sure your write-in is an actual person, not a fictional character. California Election Code specifically bans fictional write-ins.

    This is said to date from 1968, when the state’s Electoral Vote almost went to Snoopy or Batman (the 1968 TV version of Batman) instead of Nixon or HHHumphrey.

  20. Scott Miller says

    I like willoh’s idea.
    Driscoll for Prez.
    IMonk for VP.

    Bill Gates for Treasury secretary
    Jerry Seinfeld for press secretary (that would make press statements interesting).

  21. I’m thinking of writing in Jeff Flake of Arizona. He stands alone in trying to rip pork out of bills in the senate.

    Another guy I’m thinking of writing in — financial expert Oscar Rogers:


  22. Felix Ayala says

    Chase Utley for prez

    World ****ing Champions!


    Philadelphia PA

  23. How ‘about The Wizard of Oz for Prez and Toto for VP? The Wizard could continue the ineffective, hot-air policies behind the curtain and Toto could be retrained not to pull the curtain to expose him, but rather guard him so that no one else does, either.

  24. President: Kinky Friedman
    VP: Willie Nelson

    My two fellow countryman may not have a lot of executive experience.. but they have a long history of regularly associating with our nations finest law enforcement official!

  25. Chuck Baldwin – Constitution Party

  26. Hank Hill for president…

    Boomhower for vp

  27. Margaret Thatcher for pres
    Queen Elizabeth II for veep
    Plenty of foreign relations experience there, and they are not amused when the kids misbehave.

  28. Walter E. Williams for prez
    John Ratzenberger for veep (why not?)

  29. I have a shirt I bought in Nashville that I regularly wear that reads, “Willie for President.”

    I’m sticking to that. Shotgun Willie doesn’t need a veep.

  30. Bauer/Norris ’08. we don’t yet know the meaning of ‘superpower’.

  31. Honestly, I don’t even have two people I could be wildly enthusiastic about in those offices. That’s part of the problem, no one in our public life stands out as having a superior intellect, leadership abilities or commanding resume….. along with a principled conservatism, a must for me…..

    But I would interview David Petraes and Gov. Bobby Jindal. They seem to have real potential and real experience.

  32. I’m looking for a Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich ticket

  33. John: Plus being dead should not disqualify one from holding office.

    It sure as heck doesn’t disqualify one from voting.

  34. I’m voting for Cthulhu.

    If we are going to sacrifice 16 million babies, why not do it for a superdimensional being who can give real results.

    (rather than bogus claims of a better economy) :..(

  35. Black Angus says

    A write-in from Australia:
    Colin Powell POTUS
    Clint Eastwood VP

    I’d like to see some good cop/bad cop tag-team action on the Hill.
    Powell can bring some much-needed gravitas.

    2012 a Condoleeza/Hillary face off.

  36. Pres: Frodo Baggins

    Veep: Samwise Gamgee

  37. Bill Haynes says

    President: Thomas Sowell
    Vice-Pres: William Bennett

  38. Chuck Hagel and Bob Casey. Both are “actual” mavericks in their respective party’s and are willing to say the unpopular thing.

  39. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

    Cus he knows how to clean stuff up.

  40. Michael Dee Smith says

    My vote is for Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement of “Flight of the Conchords”. As to which is pres an which vice pres, I suggest they trade positions bi-monthly. Yes, I know they’re Kiwi’s, but their terms will be over before our electorate ever catches on. And don’t we as a nation need at least four years of innocent giggles; ones that are not aimed at one another?


    As long as I’m singing that song, how ’bout Allen Toussaint for Minister of Good Vibes.

    Michael Dee Smith

  41. Hal Linsey and Harold Camping. Problems in the world? We’ll all be outta here before we know it.

  42. For President — Frank Viola. He’ll break up the big government bureaucracy in favor of 200,000 smaller, more accountable and more relational “house bureaucracies.” And I’m pretty sure he’d consider pork-barreling to be a tradition rooted in pagan practice, so that would be out too.

    For Vice-President — Brad Lidge. We need someone who can help save this country, and Brad didn’t blow a save all year. Plus being a World Champion gives him foreign policy experience. His first words to the press after closing out the Series were to publicly thank Jesus Christ, so we’ll get the evangelical vote. And Pennsylvania is a key swing state.

    (Actually, I voted for Alan Keyes this year, but only because Viola wasn’t running. Maybe Keyes can be Secretary of State …)

  43. Bob Sacamento says

    For Pres.: Al Pacino, if he would promise to govern as Michael Corleone for all four years.

    For VP: Robert DuVall, of course.

    Although I might have to go with steven’s Hill/Boohauer ticket.

  44. Pedro/Napoleon For President

  45. What a good thread!

    I just want to put in two cents and say that the hank hill/boomhauer combo is a little too similar to what we have now for my tastes.

  46. Nightturkey says

    Jon Stewart/Steve Colbert

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