January 16, 2021

Open Thread: Are You Offended?

Here’s an issue that’s bound to have come up in some of your settings, especially if you’ve ever been in an art class or used Biblical art as illustration.

Look at this painting of Adam and Eve. (Titian, later Reubens.) It’s a very common illustration of the Adam and Eve story.

Are you offended? Why or why not?
Would you show this painting to your congregation (including children and young people) or Bible class as an illustration? Explain.
If someone said this was offensive to them as a illustration, what would you do?


  1. 100 comments. I should run more pictures of nekkid people on here.

  2. That Other Jean says

    Patrick, you want stupid, not to mention sacreligious, Jesus kitsch? Google for “the smiling cross.” Be sure to read the poem. Your friend may cry, but only after she throws things at you.

    And to try to stay on topic: no, I don’t find that painting of Adam and Eve offensive in any circumstances I can think of. I’m a bit freaked by the snakey-tailed baby in the tree, though.

  3. thanks, The Other Jean. That was fairly awesome.

  4. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    “The effect of the work (including a Michelangelo-like painted ceiling) on the assembled crowd is haunting. No babies cry (”They never do,” says our guide.) Adults looking at the cartoons are stock still.” — Patrick Lynch

    That’s because they’re in shock. Too creeped out to make a sound. (I don’t know which is creepier; the PMC or those who make pilgrimage to it. Move over “Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota”…) My favorite part of the writeup is when the reporter loses it and starts ranting about “More Dead Babies!”

    100 comments. I should run more pictures of nekkid people on here. — IMonk

    Or Precious Moments Chapel “DEAD BABY ANGELS!”; that’s what put it over 100.

    If you want to run more nekkid people, IMonk, make sure you don’t chicken out like the Creation Museum did with their Adam & Eve diorama. Give Eve back her boobage!


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