October 29, 2020

OK, So Traditional Church can Be Boring…

Posted by Chaplain Mike


  1. Clay Knick says

    Have seen this many times and love it!! Very funny.

  2. Is this a form of liturgy?

  3. Isaac Rehberg (the poster formerly known as Obed) says

    I really love the last bit during “All Creatures of our God and King.” For YEARS after first seeing that I had troubles singing that song with a straight face, even though it’s one of my favorite hymns!

  4. Jo Ann Peterson says

    Thanks Chaplain Mike, I really needed that this morning. My husband thinks I lost my mind…That was fun!

  5. What’s traditional church?

  6. That was great! Needed a good laugh.

  7. there’s also the Latin from Mr. Bean’s theme song:

    Ecce Homo qui est fava: behold the man who is a bean.