November 26, 2020

Now that’s some Bible calculatin’…

Thus vindicating Harold Camping.

I, Chaplain Mike, approved this message.


  1. Now that was a great way to start my Sunday! On a serious note, please let Michael know that our little Anglican church here in Boston prays for him and his family every week. They are all near and dear to our hearts.

  2. Even without the discussion towards end times math, that is a hillarious video!

  3. That was cute!

  4. I think that’s how they do math in Washington!

  5. Who would have thought Pa Kettle was a theologian! So logical! It makes perfect sense! Where do I send my donation!

  6. Mr. Harold needs to do some camping. Some quality alone time out in the woods with the Lord might do him a world of good.

  7. lol! I loved Ma & Pa Kettle! Marjorie Main rocks!