October 29, 2020

Meet The Evangelical Untouchables

Michael Patton is the director of Reclaiming the Mind Ministries and is one of the teachers on The Theology Program.

Tony Kummer is on staff at a Southern Baptist Church in the midwest and blogs at SBC Voices.

Ryan Couch is a Calvary Chapel pastor in Oregon, and blogs at Small Town Preacher.

Kirk Cowell pastors a Church of Christ in North Carolina.

Lindsey Williams is planting a PCA Church in North Carolina, and blogs at From Acorns to Oaks.

Matt Edwards is a small groups pastor in an independent church in Washington, and blogs at Awaiting Redemption.

Darrell Young pastors a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


  1. What – no YWAM representation?

  2. What do these guys have to fight about? To immerse or not? I really have no idea. To me, evangelical has always been pseudo baptist.