October 25, 2020

NOW Is The Time To Enroll In The Theology Program

From Michael Patton at Reclaiming the Mind: Reasons to start The Theology Program:

Inexpensive: You can’t beat $100 per course! If you need a scholarship, our generous donors have provided some. Contact carrie@reclaimingthemind.org for more information.

Serious: We take theological education serious enough to say that you are joining a program that is not simply intended to make you look like us, but to teach you how to think with integrity. No matter whether you are a new Christian, seeker, or a seasoned believer, this course will help you work through every major issue in the Christian faith. It will help you to know not only what you believe and why you believe it, but how to think through the most important issues of life.

Convenient: If you can’t make every session, we have multiple ways for you to make it up, both online or on-site. We have done everything we can to combine convenience with serious studies.

Evangelical: We are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his glory. All of our plans center around our belief that when the truth is known, there is nothing that can challenge the reality of Christ’s Lordship. While we may committed believers challenge your beliefs, you can trust us that the glory of our Lord is the top priority.

Safe: We know that many of you have a lot of questions and struggles, even with some of the basics to the Christian faith. This is a safe place to come to help work through these issues. You will not be looked down upon by anyone for asking questions that need to be asked.

Moms and dads, this program is often used to prepare kids for college. Don’t hesitate to take the courses as a family!

Pastors, don’t forget that this program is an excellent resource in training your leaders and Sunday School teachers and catching up on theological education yourself!

With endorsements from the likes of Chuck Swindoll, J.P. Moreland, Dan Wallace, be confident that you can entrust us with your education.

You can enroll right here (and support Internet Monk.com) by way of the Theology Program icon on this page.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Carrie@reclaimingthemind.org 405-748-4288


  1. Would it be possible to clarify (or hyperlink) what the Theology Program icon is that you are referring to? The link may be broken…

  2. The icon is directly below the primary post and the link is working. I don’t have th URL. Clicking the icon is part of the sponsor agreement.

  3. I had to search around to find it… Apparently you mean that the icon is on the front page? So if we just go to https://internetmonk.com/, we’ll see it.

    • Yes. Clickable ads are on the page. That’s how it works for theology program and for me. Thanks for asking. If I can help in any way, let me know.

  4. I have been listening to the theology program classes for some time now. They are irenic and well thought out in their structure. There’s even a healthy dose of humor that helps me keep my concentration focused on the lecture.

  5. Great blog and thanks for the plug!

    Just one correction – it’s Reclaiming (not Renewing) the Mind Ministries, and here’s a link for everyone:


    God bless!

    -Brad (Board member of RMM)