November 25, 2020

Note to those wanting book/music reviews + commenters + ads

1) I am receiving a considerable stream of material to review that I have not agreed to review. Let me make this very clear: I will not review materials sent to me UNLESS I agree to review them prior to sending the materials to me. If you send me a book or a CD WITHOUT CONTACTING ME FIRST, I will NOT review the material or return it to you.

2) I can’t do posts by request. I am not a full-time blogger, whatever that means, and I have a long list of writing projects I want to pursue. Occasionally a reader question or comment will prompt a post, but requests for posts almost certainly will not result in the post requested. I’m not being rude. It’s simply not how this blog operates. Writing about what interests me is what keeps it interesting to me. If it’s not interesting to me, it won’t be interesting to anyone.

3) Someone asking for personal/pastoral advice in the comments got a bit upset with me. I raise a lot of pastoral issues, but if you write me and ask me to play pastor or counselor to your situation, I won’t be of much help. I do not believe it is ethical for me to make any pronouncements or conclusions about your marriage, life or church from the un-real world of blogging. It’s unwise, unethical and someone could get hurt. Don’t think I’m a bad person when I won’t answer a personal question, and please let me judge what is in that category.

4) I am speaking to a couple of regular commenters now: Please cut down the length of some of your very lengthy comments. If you have a blog, please place your long posts on your blog and link it in my comments. I never read long comments unless they are entertainingly off the wall.

5) Please use the categories, essays tabs and search function before asking me for assistance. Also, there is an FAQ here.

6) Someone asked me if I was open for ads. I would be glad to discuss it. If you want information from my stats, contact me.

Thanks to everyone for reading and participating. -Michael