January 22, 2021

Note To Supporters of InternetMonk.Com

housemdMORE: Because of continued generosity, I have been able to schedule more work. I’m more aware today of the role this blog plays in people’s lives than any day that I’ve done this. THANK YOU IM COMMUNITY.

UPDATE: Financial need completely met. The IM community is supernatural. Thank you for your generosity. There is still work to be done, but we’ve made a considerable progress. At this point, the major need is someone knowledgable about themes, banners, etc.

UPDATE: Why it is always a pleasure to ask this community to support what I do with my writing and podcasting.

Michael, you’ve helped me to understand the true Gospel and you can’t put a price on that. In fact, I’ve recently started a blog to help uncover the damage I and many others have received by being a part of _________ Ministries …… Much of your writing has helped me unravel the fear, guilt and confusion that I was wrapped in. So, a hearty thanks.