September 29, 2020

New Rosenbladt Available at NRP: “When Fathers Die It’s Always Too Early.”

nrp_buttonthumbnailNew Reformation Press is working hard to get quality Lutheran and Reformation theology products to the IM audience and I want to thank all of you who have visited the site and made purchases. Now NRP has something new that I know many of you are waiting for: a new set of teaching from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt, theology professor and outstanding co-host of the White Horse Inn.

Dr. Rosenbladt has a pastor’s heart combined with a theologians insight, and you’ll hear both on display in these excellent presentations on the Fatherhood of God and the experience of being an earthly Father. How many of us need to hear that kind of teaching? Yes, me too. You can hear a sample at the web site and hopefully you’ll get all 4 mp3s.

I recommend NRP without reservation. They are worth visiting and recommending to others. If you haven’t gotten their great new t-shirts, you should stop there as well. Look over all their products.