October 20, 2020

New Music and More at New Reformation Press

New Reformation Press has been a great sponsor for InternetMonk.com, and many of you have stopped in to buy teaching, books and the best t-shirts on the web.

Now New Reformation Press has some new products that I want to make IM readers aware of, and I hope you’ll stop by and take a look at all of them.

Singing the Faith is a DVD resource that does a first class job taking you on a tour of Lutheran and Protestant hymnody.

Anonymous 4 has long been a favorite classical vocal group, and NRP is carrying some of their music. If you’ve never heard them you are in for a treat. A beautiful sound that compares to nothing else.

For those who enjoy a more contemporary sound, Josh Garrels is a brilliant song craftsman, using a variety of styles to create truly unique music. NRP is carrying three of his cds. You can also find him on Youtube.

NRP is also carrying the new Concordia “Pocket sized” version of the Lutheran Confessions.

I hope you support these guys who have worked with me for more than a year and have really been a dream sponsor. Their support makes a big difference for our family, and your support of them makes that possible. Don’t overlook the many excellent Bible study and Reformation theology resources they make available.

Click the icon on the sidebar or visit them at New Reformation Press.