July 4, 2020

Nate Spencer, Where Are You?

Nate Spencer:

You have my last name. You are in education. You are in the mountains. You read books that I like and listen to music that I love.

And if that wasn’t creepy enough, you are writing some of the best stuff in the blogosphere, like this on the Todd Bentley phenomenon.


In Todd’s gatherings, there is no cross, no Gospel, no love of enemies, strangers, poor, helpless, and rejected, no forsaking of wealth(unless it’s to unload all your cash into the ministry’s coffers), no rejection of empire, no death to self, no transformation of the inner being. Implicit or explicit. Just the glitz and hype that America desperately needs to satiate its incredible appetite for the Next Big Thing. Wealth, religion, media and the illusion of safety and security failed to give us what we wanted, so now we’re trying emotionalized circuses with rockstar ministers upon whom we’re told our hopes for healing/success/wealth/revival/spiritual progress depend.

The good fruit Jesus was looking for(and didn’t find) on the fig tree would be the product of inner transformation, the absorption of the gospel into one’s bones and marrow, the intimate knowing of the real Jesus, followed by sacrificial, self-emptying love for people that don’t deserve it. That’s quite a different recipe than super-spiritual talk and Christianese prayers aimed at instantly changing circumstances to secure the most enjoyable, healthy life we can think of.

Todd Bentley himself doesn’t really bother me. He’s just another guy that got it wrong. I am however, extremely disgusted at the church culture that produced him. To produce real disciples, one needs to stick to the real Jesus. The real church is very simply, directly, repeatedly described by Jesus himself. So simply that it’s a wonder there’s still even a discussion about how to “do church.” Did we not read even one of the Gospels?

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  1. Speaking of fruit, the apple did not fall far from the tree! Thoughtful commentary.

  2. Awesome. I’m left with nothing else to say.