November 25, 2020

Mystic Sweet Communion

Songs, a litany, and prayers for All Saints…


  1. I wish I were certain of my faith. I wish I were certain of the living reality of the Communion of Saints. But, having no personal sense of that reality, I have only the traditions of others in the historic Christian community that the saints continue to live in close communion with us after their death. But, frankly, I doubt the traditions that have been passed down, because I doubt the perceptions of those who formed them. Yet I slog on, continuing to repeat the Creed despite my gnawing, loud skepticism.

    • I know that Jesus said blessed are those who believe (in his resurrection, and by extension the Communion of Saints) without seeing, but I’d settle for the less trusting — and presumably less blessed — kind of certainty he gave Thomas.

      • Tom Parker says

        Robert, I am in my early 60’s. I used to be so certain about many things as it related to my faith in Jesus. I am willing to admit I have more questions now than in the past. But, I like you continue to slog along. I still have some faith.

        • –> “I am willing to admit I have more questions now than in the past.”

          I’m finding the whole God/Jesus/Spirit thing more mysterious the longer I walk in faith, and I’m finding God/Jesus/Spirit to be more “out-of-the-box” indescribable the longer I get to know them.

          And I’m okay with that. In fact, the more comfortable I am with the mystery and the out-of-the-box indescribable, the more thankful I am that they ARE mysterious, that they ARE out-of-the-box, and that I recognize that. I shudder to think what kind of Christian I would be if I felt like I knew them well enough to put them in a box or that there was no longer any mystery. Those types of Christians–the ones who no longer see any mystery, who have God/Jesus/Spirit pinned down and put in their nice, tidy box–well, those Christians tend to be a bit unbearable.

        • “I believe, help my unbelief” is still the best prayer in the Bible. And in life.

          • Thank you so much for your post this morning, Chaplain MIKE

            I needed it today so much.

          • Love endures the fight
            The din begins to drift to memory
            Still stumbling’midst the light
            Tender mercies are sweet rest to me

  2. Nice message, CM. Good to see your face, hear your voice. Blessings to you and your loved ones today.

  3. –> “Mystic Sweet Communion”

    Love that. Not sure if that’s a Lutheran term, or something I should be familiar with, but it’s a term that demands a poem, a song, or to be a band name.

  4. Thanks for the personal touch. I haven’t been going to church for some time now but between yesterday when I went to a Funreal mass and today when I listened to you I feel good and churched this weekend. Thanks!

  5. Clay Crouch says

    I prayed that prayer yesterday and I suspect I will pray frequently in the months to come.

  6. senecagriggs says

    You have a wonderful voice Chaplain Mike

  7. senecagriggs says
  8. The Communion of Saints comes in the resurrection of Christ. It’s a package deal. If faith can get you over the hurdle of really believing and trusting in Christ’s resurrection in its fullness, then the Communion of Saints follows in its wake naturally, or supernaturally, as the case may be. The Communion of Saints is part of the fullness of the resurrection. But you have to be gotten over that hurdle….