September 30, 2020

My Worship Gatherings Need A Cool, Hip, Emerging Name

It’s time for audience participation.

At the school where I work, we have two weekend worship gatherings. These used to be led by a local church, and so we called them “church.” We have daily “chapel” in the same worship space.

These two worship gatherings need a cool, hip, emerging name. Like “Element.” 🙂

Gathering #1 is 9:15 a.m. Traditional worship with very light liturgy. Structured, and the kids are usually pretty quiet. 2-3 familiar songs alternating piano and guitar every other week. Will have some creative ministries stuff next year. Have a preaching team of 4 men, followed by small groups. We do basic topical/catechetical teaching. Cover Ten Commandments, Apostle’s Creed, Lord’s Prayer, various short Biblical series.

Gathering #2 is 7:00 p.m. Contemporary band that really kicks. Two of us preaching evangelisitically and in rotation. Very informal and active service. Kids love it.

We are a boarding school for grades 6-12. The gatherings are for the students, but some adults and visitors do attend.

OK. I need some name suggestions. Help me out. I’m thinking logos and t-shirts here.

By the way…”Law” and “Gospel” won’t be considered.


  1. Morning: The Green. Not sure how you would make a logo with that…but the t-shirt color is easy.

    Evening: I’m sure you could get away with Xenos. My other suggestion would be Tribe.

  2. U2 ripoff: Elevation

    Also have seen: Threshhold, Venture…

  3. Kurt McInnis says

    I’m with jon. Is resisting the urge an option?

  4. I need to call it something. Chapel is what we have during school days during the week. It’s not church and I don’t want to confuse my internationals that it is. It’s not worship to attend this, so calling it worship is Biblically wrong imo.

    I just want a name I can put on a logo, etc/

  5. No matter what name you choose, you have to make sure you misspell the words….use z’s for s’s, etc…kids really think that’s cool…Kidz Klub, etc…or you have to call it “The (something)” singular…now that’s hip…

    I agree with what others have already said…kids are able to see through all this false “hipness”…it just makes me tired seeing the “hip” names given to any sort of student ministry….and even adults are not immune to this…Sunday School must be “Life Groups”…must use the words “relevant” and “relationships” often…I find all this pandering insulting…

  6. My favorite Church name is “Scum of the Earth” in Denver, CO

  7. “Eutychus Awake!”

  8. At Georgetown, the college kids have “Common Ground.”