November 26, 2020

Music for Holy Week II

For your Holy Week meditations, by Chaplain Mike.

“Worthy Is the Lamb,” performed by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


  1. Good song. My mom could listen to Brooklyn Tab all day long, I think. Thanks.

  2. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Thanks Chaplin Mike….. being an organist I’ve not always been a proponent of contemporary christian music but pieces like this and In Christ Alone remind me that there is some wonderful music that has been written in recent years and also being written now days. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has been at the top of my list for contemporary christian music – their harmonies are so rich and the worship in that place is true, sincere and heartfelt in a way that sets it apart from other churches attempts to “work it up” if you will. In all my years as an organist 20+ now, I have enjoyed playing/accompanying songs like this with the organ and only the orchestral voiced organs can do this justice in churches that use them regularly. The big sound of the strings, celestes, vox humana’s, flutes with light tremulant (vibrato) at the many pitches available on the organ with a song like this just sweeps over you such that no words can describe just like the real orchestra
    instruments do here.

    Thanks again Chaplin Mike…. BTC rocks – they are the best!!!

  3. I can’t watch this(4 or 5 times now) without finding myself in tears. Thanks.