January 21, 2021

Morning Psalm

Sunrise from Esquire.com

God, you are for us a strength and shelter—in times of affliction, you are found everywhere we look.

And so we won’t be afraid at changes of the earth, when mountains tumble into the heart of the sea or waters rage with tumultuous froth; the peaks quake in awe of your presence. Selah.

A river—its streams will bring rejoicing to your city. Holy are the dwelling places of the Most High.

With you in its midst, it will not totter; you change its darkness to dawn.

Nations rage tumultuous; governments totter. When you give forth voice, the earth melts.

The Creator of the Heavenly Array is with us, the Upholder of Jacob will keep us from harm. Selah.

Come and gaze at God’s works, the one who has astounded the world with wonders, who has brought all the earth’s wars to a halt.

The bow will be shattered and the arrow split in half, the chariot burnt in fire.

Be calm and know I am your Sustainer. I will be lifted in praise among nations, I will be lifted in praise throughout the earth.

The Creator of the Heavenly Array is with us, the Upholder of Jacob will keep us from harm. Selah.

(Psalm 46, The Complete Psalms, translated by Pamela Greenberg)


  1. Love it.

    Not much about ‘us’ in there.

    Maybe that’s why I love it.

  2. Judy / Ca says

    True words of encouragement and right perspective in troubled times. Thanks

  3. God is good; his love endures forever. Thanks for your morning Psalm sir.

  4. I don’t know, there’s just something about “The Lord of Hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.” that resonates with me.

    But Pamela done good, too. :>)

  5. Are you using some kind of Evangelical psalter, with kathismata and stases?

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