January 28, 2021

More on The Gospel and Appalachia

Noel and Ryan’s wedding is this weekend, so blogging may be light for a while. In the meantime, Denise has written a good essay at her web site: Take A Rest.

Many of you liked the essays I did on “The Gospel and Appalachia.”

The Gospel and Appalachia
The Gospel and Appalachia: Can The Culture Change?
The Gospel and Appalachia: Four Christian Responses

Amy Welborn links to a National Catholic Reporter story on a ministry here in the mountains that we work closely with: Christian Appalachian Project. Amy adds her comments.

I think the article raises very, very important questions. I agree with much of what is said. I do not have any criticism for CAP, but I completely agree that ministries of mercy have to be aware of what it means to look at a problem “beyond band-aids.” Appalachia is a culture sunk into depravity and corruption. It can only be changed by the Gospel, and that means an army of missional Christians coming to the mountains for decades to come.


  1. Hey Michael, you might want to check out my comment on Amy’s blog about that deal. I just put it up today. I sent her an e-mail that was a bit longer. Interesting stuff – being from Harlan myself. I’m with you on the being careful thing. When you get down to all that, I really think that whole giant push about “missions” in the church is overdone – I mean, not what we need to be doing. I like what you said about missional Christians being there. I’m not sure a bunch of “saviors” from the outside need to move there but if there were people there already who started small faith communities and lived with the people, were the people, and helped as they lived the life of the people – that would be it. But that is a long-haul solution, as any really good solution is. And we don’t like long haul.

    Anyway, it would be interesting, as I said to her, if I met her when she did her volunteer work in Harlan – I’m pretty sure at my old church there. We’ll see. Peace to you.

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