August 5, 2020

Miscellaneous, This and That, Etc.

Some random things that some of you will be interested in:

1) Church Membership Series: I have a summary post I want to write and then there is one more interview, but I don’t know when the interview will arrive in my mailbox. So I may go ahead and write the summary, but it won’t be the last word. Thanks to all who have linked and participated.

2. Comments I won’t post: There are several kinds of comments I just delete, but let me spell them out for you. a) Name-calling personal attacks on either myself, other commenters or a person discussed in a post. It’s not constructive and I don’t edit; I just delete. b) Posts that say we shouldn’t be posting, or commenting, or discussing or blogging at all. This kind of comment is so incredibly self-contradictory (a blog comment that we shouldn’t have blogs or comments?) that it’s a waste of time. I dump it.

3. Giving Opportunity: One of the nicest things that happened on my blogs last year was that several of you gave some designated funds to the ministry where I work so a girl’s Bible study could have some curriculum that was a bit pricey for us.

Well, a similar opportunity is available. I want to use Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus DVD Curriculum with my Bible classes. I can’t think of a better group than my high school kids, mostly internationals, to be Driscoll’s audience.

The resource hasn’t been released yet, but is priced at $229, so with shipping it will be a $250.00 resource.

If you’d like to help secure this resource, write me and I will tell you how to make a tax-deductable designated gift to our ministry. I’ll never see the money, and our financial office will acknowledge your gift.

4. ESV Study Bible Resource Interview: Monday IM will feature an interview I did with Dr. David Powlinson on Reading the Bible for Application. It’s an outstanding discussion you won’t want to miss. This is part of an interview series that Crossway is doing with the authors of some of the ESVSB’s resources. Links to those resources will be available in the interview.

5. Internet Monk On Conversion to the Roman Catholic Church: I’ll be writing a guest post at a major blog you all know very soon on the subject of Why Evangelicals Convert to the RCC.

6. Thanks and Prayers: Thanks to all of you who encourage me, especially those who keep the tone upbeat and humorous around here. You are much appreciated.

Prayer requests: My daughter and son-in-law are starting their careers as teachers at our school this week. That’s like jumping out of a plane for the first time. That’s Noel and Ryan. Clay returns to the University of Kentucky in a week. He’s heavily involved in Reformed University Fellowship and Tate’s Creek Presbyterian Church. My wife and I are beginning our 16th year at our ministry. Weariness is an enemy at this point, but we rejoice in the many opportunities to preach and share the Gospel in Bible classes. Denise’s parish is losing a priest/pastor and a pastoral associate who has been her spiritual director. Very hard for her to give these people up and change RCIA settings. I have some writing opportunities that demand my full attention, but I have a job that demands the same, so pray I can make the time and the effort that both deserve. I’ll be preaching 2-3 times a week and teaching 5 hours a day starting this coming week.


  1. I am truly looking forward to the upcoming interview with Dr. David Powlinson. It seems that lately your topics are right on target for thoughts and choices going on in my life, and I certainly appreciate the incite you, your guests and fellow posters share.

    Good luck with all your upcoming commitments and remember: if your plate gets full, it’s time for a bigger plate.

  2. McCarley,

    Did you mean “incite” or “insight”? I looked at it for a few seconds trying to figure out what was wrong with the spelling. They both fit. Great pun.

  3. Michael,

    I’ve been keeping up and really enjoying the church membership series. I’ve been catching back podcasts about post-evangelicalism in general as well. To that note, I ran across an article today that I thought might be of interest to you regarding some pastors of megachurches establishing “franchise” churches where they virtually preach. It’s some… problematic… stuff.