January 16, 2021

Miscellaneous: Family News, Christmas and More

We received some wonderful news today. Our son, Clay, and his longtime friend/recent girlfriend Taylor Claypool, are engaged to be married in December of next year. We love both our kids and they have brought us so much happiness by finding spouses who are Christians and wonderful additions to our extended family.

Here’s Clay and Taylor today.

Noel and Ryan have been married 2.5 years, and they live and work here with us in southeastern Kentucky. Denise took this picture yesterday.

On another note, be sure and check out the Christmas Music Station at KDFC in San Francisco. Some of the most beautiful traditional and classical Christmas music you will hear on the web.

Finally, I’ve recommended the Concordia Press Treasury of Daily Prayer in two posts, and commenters have recommended it as well. It’s an incredible resource. (And I say that having paid the full price for mine. No gifts here.) Well, if you are going to get one of these fine books for a Christmas gift, do me a favor and buy it from New Reformation Press. Their ad is on the sidebar and they are a loyal and supportive sponsor. Give them your business. Patrick and the guys will treat you right.


  1. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage. God grant them many years.

  2. Blessings and prayers on the marriage.

    KDFC is the musical station of choice for dentists in the SF Bay Area, and they have extraordinarily obnoxious marketing around these parts. As a result, it is a radio station that’s mere mention fills me with disgust. “lite rock, less talk”…*shudder*

  3. It’s a classical station. I think you have the wrong one.

    Whatever, they have a great classical Christmas music station.

  4. Congratulations on your son’s engagement (from another ‘Clay’)

  5. You’re right, I do have the wrong one. I was thinking of KOIT, which makes a big deal of their Christmas programming. KDFC is, indeed, an excellent radio station. Call letter dyslexia, mea culpa.

  6. Christopher Lake says

    Congratulations on your son’s engagement! Thanks for the tip about KDFC– I love both classical music and Christ-centered Christmas music.

    Have a blessed Thaksgiving!

  7. Wanted to say thanks for your posts lately, particularly about the Ed Young Sexcapades. I feel so much outrage at this kind of stuff and yet the major bloggers in evangelical land say nothing. Meanwhile Young gets an interview with Leadership Journal. Yikes!!!! I feel my head spinning. Can this be something I am a part of? Thanks once again for speaking up for us guys out here who are getting smothered by megachurches doing stupid stuff.

  8. Mr. Whipple says

    Thanks for the KDFC link. Excellent!

  9. Imagine Michael Spencer, then add a smily face. I think that’s what Clay looks like. Anybody else?

  10. I was being quiet, behaving myself, NOT going to make the comment…
    Then Clark HAD to have his thought, So…
    I wonder if the grandkids will be born with the goatee??


    Our congratulations and most fervernt prayers for the next Godly generation of Spencers.

  11. Memphis Aggie says


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