January 26, 2021

Michael Sends an Update

Here’s a quick run-through on the facts of my situation.

1. I have cancer and I am receiving treatments for it. On Christmas Eve, a small mass was removed from the back of my brain. That’s the balance center, so my main symptoms are balance, nausea and appetite issues. That are all improving. I have 5 radiation treatments to go on the post-op and then it’s on to several rounds of chemo a bit closer to home.

2. At this point, writing for IM is pretty much out of the picture, and will be for a while. But I have some restoration of keyboard ability and that’s a very positive development. Meanwhile, Chaplain Mike is doing an awesome job and I especially appreciate the helpers.

3. Denise: Denise is Jesus. That’s about all I can say. One flesh. Servant. Agape love. It’s all there. Pray for her and our children.

4. Finances: I have no income presently, but Denise does. I have a home, groceries, food, utilities all provided, but income ends a few weeks into being unable to work. If I return, my income will resume, of course. We just have to see where this goes as my dizziness goes away. We have some resources for a rainy day, but they are modest. We’re thankful to be able to have what we have and especially grateful for all who have shared with us.

5. Insurance: My employer-paid insurance will end in a few weeks. At that point we have few options, but again, we are seeking good counsel and ask for your prayers. If you want information, contact denisespenc@gmail.com

6. Spiritually: It’s been a rich time fellowshipping with God and feeling the prayers of others. I’ve also been able to do some valuable reading. Mostly B16.

7. Prognosis: Today, then tomorrow. Nothing more.

Love to all of you and I hope this helps keep track of where I am.