December 3, 2020

Amy Welborn’s husband, Michael Dubruiel 1958-2009

Donations to the Welborn family can be sent through paypal or other credit cards here.

UPDATE: If you haven’t visited Amy’s blog, she’s asking folks who want to help to simply buy Michael’s books. She can’t fill orders from her site, but says buy them from anywhere. So there you go. Protestant friends might find Michael’s book on the cross a good choice.

Our wonderful friend Amy Welborn’s husband Michael Dubruiel died suddenly this morning (2/3/09). Pray for Amy and her children, who range from adults to very young. Michael and Amy had just moved to Birmingham to work with the diocese of Birmingham.

Words are completely inappropriate. Pray, then pray some more and pray tomorrow.

Amy, the IM family loves you and can only grieve a fraction of what you are feeling. God be with you. Thanks be to God for the hope and faith in Jesus in which Michael lived and died.


  1. This is a great loss for us.

    May God show mercy in his humble servant.


  2. Oh Michael, this is so very sad. But thanks for sharing it with IM readers. I will buy his book you recommended on the cross.

  3. Christopher Lake says

    Praying for Amy and her family…

  4. I am sorry for Amy and her family’s loss. It’s never easy but sudden deaths are even worse.

    May God pour out his mercy and grace on them.


  5. I do not know Any and did not know Michael, but my heart goes out to Amy and her family.

    Michael, you mentioned his book about the cross. I found a couple titles about the cross at Amazon:

    The Power of the Cross: Applying the Passion of Christ to your life b

    John Paul II’s Biblical Way of the Cross

    Am I right in guessing that you are recommending The Power of the Cross? I read excerpts at Amazon from that book and a book about the Eucharist and I think I would like his writing. Thank you.

  6. I was recommending them all, but for Protestants, The Power of the Cross is probably the book they would read. But Michael’s books are great explanations for non-Catholics too. His book on the mass was very helpful to me.