July 13, 2020

Merry Christmas from Internet Monk

Nativity Perugino

Nativity, Pietro Perugino (1497-1500)


  1. Steve Newell says

    A merry Christmas to you and yours!

    I do have one question for everyone today: Did your church as Christmas Day worship services and did you attend?

    As one who grew in the SBC, it was hit or miss if the SBC churches had Christmas Eve worship services and there was never a Christmas Day worship service. Now in LCMS churches since in 1989, not going to worship on one of the holiest days of Church Year is foreign.

    • The Catholic church I attend had Mass last night (which I attended) and one this morning.

      I went to my former church’s Christmas Eve service last night with my wife, then we went to my Mass after that. A Christmas Eve service doubleheader. Would have made Ernie Banks proud …

      • Steve, I used to walk down to the LCMS church on our street on Christmas Day to attend the service (when we lived elsewhere). I wish more churches would do it, but the cultural habits are too ingrained for most.

    • Two services last night, one this morning, and two “Lessons and Carols” the Sunday before. I’m exhausted and churched out.

      Honestly, whether a church worships on Christmas Eve/Day is somewhat of a reflection of their theology. Those who believe that through Word and Sacrament we actually meet with Christ himself in worship find it important to spend time with him on the remembrance of his birth. Those who believe Word and Sacrament are primarily means through which we reflect on Christ, rather than actually encounter Him, will find that this reflection can just as easily be done at home. Without disrupting family snuggle time.

  2. Merry Christmas to all iMonk contributors and readers.

    My wife and I went to a morning service in prison today, as we normally do. There’s nowhere else we would rather go to worship on Christmas day: There’s real joy at celebrating the birth of Jesus, real joy that anyone should go in to spend time with them, particularly on this day, and none of the focus on, “What did you get for Christmas?” which is too often the case in churches outside.

  3. Merry Christmas!

  4. A Peaceful Christmas everyone

    Christ to Earth descendeth . . .