December 3, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all here at the iMonastery: First Lady Denise Spencer, Chaplain Mike, Damaris Zehner, Lisa Dye, Martha of Ireland, Joe Stallard, Adam Palmer, Joe Spann, Craig Bubeck, and your grateful publisher. We extend glad tidings to one and all. Thank you for making InternetMonk your home for great conversation, encouraging words, and the love of Love Himself.

If we could give each of you a gift today, it would be this: A heart hungry for Jesus in a greater way than ever before.

For behold, on this day a savior is born.


Merry Christmas!


  1. Richard McNeeley says

    Merry Christmas Jeff

  2. Merry Christmas/Joyeux Noël

  3. Kerri in AK says

    I’ve been to early morning prayer and a Eucharist later in the morning and all I could think was “He’s HERE! God with us is HERE! Woo-hoo!” Restraining myself from doing a happy dance in the pew was a tad difficult. It’s been a joy-filled, buoyant, busy day here in southeast England and it’s been nice to spend some time alone and reflective after the chaos. May the iMonk staff have a blessed and joyous day! And hopefully not as chaotic a one as I’ve had…

  4. Back atcha!

  5. Thank you Jeff and I join you in the prayer for the gift of the hungry heart. That has been my prayer each and every day. And thanks for the picture which just defines the true Christmas story for me. Jesus takes something so broken, so humble and unwanted by anyone, especially those who want only the “perfect, shiny, admirable “tree”, and joyfully carries it home with Him and loves it so much that the broken life becomes beautiful. Trees seem to have a lot to do with it, have you noticed??