December 2, 2020

McCoy’s Open Letter To Seminarians

stevem.jpgReaders of the Boar’s Head Tavern or SBC blogs are aware that the SBC’s International Mission Board has recently decided to draw several inexplicable, extrabiblical, lines in the sand:

-Banning anyone who ever spoke in tongues from serving as a missionary.
-Making baptism in an SBC church the only recognizable form of baptism for missionary candidates.
-Attempting to remove Wade Burleson as a trustee for the crime of blogging his opinion of these actions.

I have recently blogged about the future of the SBC. I believe that the convention’s younger leaders are its only hope. The current conservative leadership is pursuing a kind of “spiritually cleansed,” elitist vision of the SBC that returns to issues- like landmarkism- the SBC had left behind almost a century ago. The common sense of men like Tom Ascol is being ignored, and the standard wise men of the new leadership are strangely silent.

SBC pastor and blogger Steve McCoy is one of the most eloquent voices among these younger leaders. Read his open letter to Southern Baptist seminarians. Read it and pass it on. McCoy is dead on target: legalism and the quelling of dissent to enforce a too-narrow vision of the denomination is a crisis that must be named and responded to.

Steve McCoy’s Letter To SBC Seminarians.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is a great letter. My grandfather was an SBC pastor. He passed away a year ago. He gave over sixty years of his life to SBC pulpit ministry. This kind of thing always drove him to distraction.

    Peace and all good things to you.

  2. I have to tell you guys that I have way too many things distracting me from the pastorate without all this blog reading nonsense. With that said, I’m loving this.

    I’ve been over to Steve McCoy’s blog and now I have questions. One really. What is “emergent church?” ‘