September 21, 2020

Listening Report: Kathleen Edwards

From the land of Mike Bell and other friends north of the border comes another great Canadian singer-songwriter. I’ve been enjoying Kathleen Edwards’ new album Voyageur lately, and thought you might like to hear some of her poignant, introspective music too.

Here is the first cut from the album, “Empty Threat,” recorded at a live CBC radio performance. You can read a good review of Voyageur at Slant, where Jonathan Keefe says of the album’s moody thematic textures, it “may not be the most uplifting album, but it’s acutely self-aware and revealing.”

I don’t know. I usually find such self-awareness refreshing.



  1. Randy Windborne says

    Impressive backup vocalist. Instrumental skills appeared rudimentary, which is odd for a professional band.

    And what has Kathleen done to that poor acoustic? It’s an outrage!

    Maybe it’s my age, but I’m more of a Fleetwood Mac type of guy … or at least Eric Clapton.

  2. I spent quite a bit of time with her “Failer” album, it was a rather refreshing album for the times, but her newer stuff never really provoked enough interest forme to pick up any of her other albums.

    You might also like another Canadian Brooke Miller. She has a similar vocal style and range, but writes lyrics that are generally more “impressionistic” in style. She is a much better guitar player and, in my opinion, is has more interesting compositions.

    Here’s her newest single:


    An acoustic solo performance of my favorite song of hers:

  3. We went to Nashville this weekend and saw her Sat. night at the Exit/In.

    My wife is the fan (also Canadian), but Kathleen is a wonderful showman. Raw energy. Lively raconteur.


  4. Kathleen’s voice is wonderfully smooth and soothing. I enjoy her second album Voyageur almost as much as her first. On the other hand, I reckon Empty Threat to be the best song she’s done by now. I was mesmerized when she played it as the first song of her Toronto setlist one week ago. Her concert was, without a doubt, Toronto’s best music event in February. Moving to Mecca!

  5. Now I can’t believe I’m still missing Back to Me and Asking for Flowers…