January 16, 2021

Lent II

Nicodemus Visiting Jesus by Night, Tanner

By Chaplain Mike
Today’s Gospel: John 3:1-17

a sonnet

a teacher who was learned and upright
came out to visit jesus late one night
immersed in scripture, ritual, and law
impressed by signs of heaven that he saw
and yet confused by words conveyed with love
of kingdom gained by new birth from above
and israel’s teacher could not comprehend
what moses and the prophets all had penned —
new heart, new spirit, water washing clean
from idols that disparage and demean
a son descending to be lifted high
a love that gives that loved ones may not die
i wonder if that teacher turned around
and felt the fresh’ning wind and heard its sound?


  1. Another gem, Chaplain Mike!

  2. Christiane says

    Powerful ending . . . inspiring

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