January 16, 2021

Lent I

The Temptation of Christ, Flandes

By Chaplain Mike
Today’s Gospel: Matthew 4:1-11

a sonnet

when israel moses led across the sea
to desert, hunger, thirst, and poverty
he called them there to trust and not transgress
their god would care for them in wilderness
he water, meat, and manna did provide
yet still the children grumbled, groaned, and cried
their baptism and freedom they disdained
and satan laughed when israel complained
through water jesus came and god did bless
then, like them, went into the wilderness
in desp’rate thirst and hunger there alone
he would not conjure bread from lifeless stone
by ev’ry word of god the son prevailed
and conquer’d where our human flesh had failed


  1. Very nice work, Chaplain Mike.

    Thank you.

  2. And amen!

  3. Charles Fines says

    Chaplain, I searched for the origin of this semi-unattributed sonnet with the only hits being this page itself. I must admit that if you indeed wrote this that there is a whole side of you I was unaware of. Very impressive indeed.

  4. to him we owe a debt so great
    our souls he saved from satan’s deadly fate
    to him i sing, and him i love
    and wait patiently to spend eternity above

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