November 26, 2020

Lenny LeBlanc: Christmas Night

By Chaplain Mike

Here’s a new favorite of mine that I’ve enjoyed the past couple of Christmases. From the album, Christmas Night.


  1. Nice song and very nice voice.

    • Lenny has been around for many years. He used to sing on a lot of albums by artists who recorded for Maranatha. He is probably best known for the worship chorus, “Above All,” that Michael W. Smith sang.

  2. Yes, I liked this too. (I had never heard of Lennie LeBlanc.) And it is filmed so beautifully with the fireplace, candles, light shining off the guitar. I went and looked at the list of songs on the album and saw that What a Wonderful World is on there. I LOVE the way Louis Armstrong sings that song. Beautiful.