January 27, 2021

John Stott Has Gone Home

By Chaplain Mike

This editor’s note from Christianity Today this afternoon:

John Stott died today at 3:15 London time (about 9:15 a.m. CST), according to John Stott Ministries President Benjamin Homan. Homan said that Stott’s death came after complications related to old age and that he has been in discomfort for the last several weeks. Family and close friends gathered with Stott today as they listened to Handel’s Messiah. Homan said that John Stott Ministries has been preparing for his death for the past 15 years. “I think he set an impeccable example for leaders of ministries of handing things over to other leaders,” Homan said. “He imparted to many a love for the global church and imparted a passion for biblical fidelity and a love for the Savior.”

John Stott was one of my heroes. As a pastor, teacher, and leader in world missions, he had few peers. He was a prolific author whose books have benefited me throughout the years of my ministry. He also exemplified how God can use single Christians mightily by enabling them to devote their energies to the benefit of the church and blessing of the world.

Click the link for Christianity Today above to read their tribute to Dr. Stott.


  1. John Stott had a great impact on my faith during my first year as a believer in 1979. His little book Basic Christianity is much more than basic, and recommended reading for all. I was so enthusiastic about it that I bought a case of 16 and gave them out to anyone I thought could use a copy.

    I like this paragraph from the Christianity Today article:

    “Stott believed in the mind as a gift from God. In an evangelical world tempted to rely on proof texts and emotive stories, Stott drilled down deep into Scripture to display its power. Many people, hearing Stott preach for the first time, said they had never heard the Bible expounded with such clarity and depth. His passion was to learn what God said, and to let it shape life. Stott’s preaching and writing renewed faith in the inspiration of Scripture—not only because he defended it, but because he displayed it.”

  2. David C. says

    In the hundreds of books in my study I still find that one of my favorites is still ” Bacic Christianity “. He will be missed as much for who he was and how he lived his life as he will be for his fine writing. The angels are certainly singing in heaven tonight. Well done my faithful servant !!!!

  3. I heard John Stott speak in 2004. He was physically frail, but his mind and speaking ability were polished by years of faith. I found it very moving to listen to a great man, whose greatness shone through increasingly transparent flesh.

  4. As an Inter-Varsity Alum, this is very sad news. Yet another British theologian who was vilified for not quite fitting the American Evangelical mold.

  5. Here’s my little tribute:


    Rowland Croucher

  6. Let’s try this one: http://rowlandcroucher.blo?gspot.com/2009/11/30-john-?stott.html

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