January 22, 2021

Jesus Shaped Update: How does the New Testament Speak of the Church?

The latest post at Jesus Shaped Spirituality is a basic discussion of how the New Testament speaks of the church.

Remember that most of my writing- aside from podcasts, book reviews and a few odds and ends- will be moving to Jesus Shaped Spirituality. The current address is www.jesusshaped.wordpress.com, but JesusShaped.com will be available soon.

So add the new blog to your RSS and tell someone else that, like Aslan, I’m on the move.


  1. Walt Wawra says

    Mr. Spencer,

    I began reading your essay about Chinese sutdents and if they need a American Jesus. Give God the Glory that it is His Holy Spirit that opens our eyes in the first place. Do we have culture that blends in. I will say yes, yet we are told to have the mind of Christ. Should we worry about our culturalism and how it effects our view?? COncerned yes, worry no, give it over to Jesus and follow Him, you will then do exactly what the Lord wants to do with you. We are bought and paid for with a price. we belong to Him. So don’t worry about it, just seek and follow Jesus. He will take care of the rest.

    Be Blessed

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