November 30, 2020

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Returns with the Gospel of Mark

My other blog, Jesus Shaped Spirituality, has been neglected lately, but that will be changing. I’m going to be publishing a series of Bible studies I wrote several years ago (the first thing I actually did on the internet actually) on the Gospel of Mark. There are 35 studies, going through chapter 8.

The introductory study is up now. Each study features questions for discussion. These studies weren’t edited as carefully as I’d like, so please be forgiving of many errors. I’ll be posting the studies regularly.

READ: Gospel of Mark Study 1: Why Study Mark?


  1. I read the first one, thank you for sharing. Good questions and perceptions. Please keep reminding us here when you post there. Off topic, if that photo of you is designed to give a desire to the viewer to pray for you, it is working. Cheer up, Jesus is coming! And if He tarries, cheer up! We have a bit longer to study His word! Seriously you look like a Baptist at “free beer night” in his own home town. The caption to that photo would be,” Would you leave this man alone with a sharp object?” Reach out if the need is there.