January 22, 2021

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Has A Home (temporarily)

UPDATE: The new post at JSS is “God is Jesus.”

I have started blogging at Jesus Shaped Spirituality or JesusShaped.wordpress.com. The actual domain JesusShaped.com won’t be up for a while, so this is my temporary home.

If you are an IM reader, PLEASE help me make this transition.

Tell others. Update your RSS feed. Stop by both sites and get an idea of what the transition is going to look like. I’ll be asking for some help organizing some of the IM material on thematic pages later on, so that in the future IM will be podcasts and archives.

I’m off for Sabbatical Week 2. I’ll check in later.


  1. So would that be a RSS feed or a JSS feed?

  2. From the title of your new blog, it appears as though the “post-Evangelical” is so far from it that he’s maybe turning round the corner…and coming right back into it again.

    That said, I wish you the best with your new blog.

    – Steve M.

  3. Thanks for the update, Monk.

  4. I like the new JSS site, but I am having trouble leaving comments over there. I hit submit and they just disappear.

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