October 24, 2020

Jesus Shaped Spirituality Continues Studying the Gospel of Mark

I’m now up to five Bible studies on the Gospel of Mark at Jesus Shaped Spirituality.

Stop over and add these studies to your resources on the first Gospel or recommend them to a new Christian. I’ll be posting about one a week.


  1. I think people tend to shape Jesus in their own image. Depending on what verses one chooses to select and emphasize, you can get a fire and brimstone Jesus who tells everyone who doesn’t recognize him as the Messiah that they’re going to hell, to a compassionate Jesus who refuses to judge/condemn others, including the people crucifying him.

  2. I once read a book called, “Your God is too Small” and it spoke about how we have different ways to look at God. I don’t remember much about the actual book, but I came away from it thinking that it was so true. Some people put God in a box, others form Him to be like them, some see Him as Zeus with a lightning bolt ready to zap them and so on. The Jewish leaders could only see the Messiah as what they wish him to be–a conquering hero. Jesus even pointed out to his disciples in Mark that it was written that the Son of Man was to be rejected and suffer. So, times haven’t changed all that much have they? We still limit God by trying to squish Him into our man-shaped concepts. He is so much more than that.