September 30, 2020

It’s getting a little hot in here….in worship, that is.

Josh said it in his usual blunt manner, but he’s right.

I said it months ago in this IM piece on romanticism in worship.

S.M. Hutcheons absolutely beats it like a drum in a recent article in Touchstone.

Larknews parodied it dead on last year.

I’m talking about that “God is my girlfriend,” downright erotic, highly feminized and boderline sexualized Praise and Worship music that is dominating one sector of contemporary worship. (I’m aware that this isn’t the only trend in modern P&W. Thank God for Indelible Grace and Sovereign Grace Music.)

A lot of evangelicals apparently aren’t looking at what is going on, but we are wallowing in a kind of worship that is best characterized by highly emotional feminine responses. Look at the singers. Look at the worshippers. Look at the reactions. It’s hot up in here.

The romanitization of worship music goes back into the 1800’s, if not before, but never has this kind of language been as common- or as explicit- as it is today. I have a feeling that millions of men and older Christians ingeneral don’t find it a helpful way to worship. (I know- they can find another niche church just for them.) I also am sure that millions of single women, teenage girls and suburban emo rocker wannabe boys find it very appealing.

Tell me that Larknews isn’t on target with these parody titles: “My Lover, My God,” “Touch Me All Over,” “Naked Before You,” “I’ll Do Anything You Want,” “Deeper” and “You Make Me Hot with Desire.” Hmmmm. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The worship service- not Christ- is becoming the center of evangelicalism. We’re starting to believe some very strange things about what we’re singing. And we’re not paying attention to the distinctly pagan (yes PAGAN) tone of some of this “worship.”

I’m sure someone will say the critics just aren’t tuned in to the pomo sensibilities of all this romanticizing of God, and there is that pesky Song of Solomon. I’m not impressed. There is a manly strength to classic orthodoxy. A man need not be ashamed of the heritage of Christian music or feel he has to get light in the loafers to worship at Christ’s Church. (Though romanticized songs have been in our hymnals for a very long time.) While we may be forced to sing “Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth” every so often, I hope our worship leaders will remember that this trend needs to be faced honestly and brought under control before we start having to explain the worship music to the children for more reasons than theology.


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