October 29, 2020

It’s been no secret that

It’s been no secret that Denise has always thought my views on “the will of God” to be distinctly unspiritual, and I found hers to be far too mystical. Tonight we listened to two programs on the subject (from a recent series on the White Horse Inn) and I think I won out!

God has a secret will and a revealed will. We are not called to try and discover the secret will of God. There is no “secret thread” of certainty waiting for those who find a way to “hear God’s voice.” God gives us His Word, His son, reason, providence, examples, desires, interests, opportunities, etc. We follow these and “Do as we please.” This seemed a great relief to her, even though it took quite a bit of discussion to clear out those old evangelical notions of playing “let’s make a deal” with the Almighty.

I continue to think the fascination with “knowing the Will of God” is attempting to coerce certainty and protection out of God by looking into his “ideal” will. Does it ever occur to anyone that God’s ideal path for us may be full of terrible things no one would want to know? But we have His promise that His will is perfect and glorious, and for our benefit and His praise. All at once. It is a beautiful safety net that allows me to live life without fear.

So Yes, I could pick up from here and go a lot of places and be in God’s will for my life. I suppose it does come down to seeing clearly here, and seeing clearly regarding other options as well. Where can I serve the King and the Kingdom, and love God, and love neighbor and become the man, husband and father God wants? Where can I best honor my extended family? Where can I find my joy in God? These are things I get to explore and discover on my own, with God’s perfect plan undergirding me. I won’t stress as much if I remember that the Lord has all my days written in His book, and every day is to be lived to the fullest for his glory.