January 27, 2021

It’s a Major Award: The IM “Top Ten” Blogs of 2007

leglamp.jpgGet out the ginger ale and order pizza. It’s time for the coveted Internet Monk “Favorite Blogs of the Year” list.

This year’s list majors on personal blogs by writers you need to be reading. These are bloggers I enjoy, look forward to and respect. They put together blogs that demonstrate what blogging can be when done well. Some you know; some you don’t.

Many big dog bloggers spend half their time lecturing us all on how to blog in a way that’s consistent with their view of Christian witness. These bloggers spend their time producing thoughtful, helpful, excellent writing. I don’t agree with any of them all the time, but I’m always glad I invested my time in reading their work.

So without further introduction, my Top Ten favorite blogs this year.

1. Ben Witherington III. No one has been consistently more helpful, instructional, enjoyable, thought provoking or encouraging. The site is plain, but the posts are a treasure. BWIII is simply the best, whether it’s scholarly articles, sermons, poetry, humor, book reviews or commentary.

2. Film Chat, the blog of Peter Chartaway. Chataway does film reviews for Christianity Today, but his blog goes into all the aspects of film that are of interest to people of faith. A delightful and well-written blog.

3. Mere Comments, the daily blog of Touchstone Magazine. A welcome and interesting addition to the Touchstone family.

4. Achievable Ends, the blog of Bill Kinnon. Bill has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening at the intersections of emerging church and traditional church, all done with an appreciation for technology. Just the right amount of attitude.

5. Kingdom People, the blog of Trevin Wax. This year Trevin has distinquished himseld as a “must read” in the blogosphere. His fair and honest assessment of the Piper-Wright controversy put him up there with the big boys, but he’s a good writer and always worth reading.

6. Common Grounds Online. Never disappointing. Always on target with living the Gospel. Bright people, good writing, dependably Christ centered.

7. Walking Together, the blog of Wyman Richardson. A Baptist who understands the wider church. As the year has gone along, the blog has gotten better. I’m expecting more of the same.

8. Ponder Anew, the blog of David Head. New and worth your time. David pastors in Lexington Kentucky and appreciates the entire Christian family. Never grinds an ax, always sees what’s worthwhile. A blogger to watch.

9. The Gospel Driven Church, the blog of Jared Wilson. One of the best critical voices in the reformed blogosphere. Asks and answers questions with a passion for Christ, discipleship and the church. Watch for his book about Jesus.

10. Copious Notes, the culture blog of Rich Copley. Honorable mention for one of the most unique culture blogs I’ve found. Covers Classical, Broadway and Contemporary Christian, all with fairness and wit.


  1. Thanks for the links!

  2. Well, Michael, I woulda nominated YOU for that list!

    And by the way, do you know that you are cited in the latest issue (“In Pieces”) of the Evangelical Free Church’s quarterly “EFCA Today” magazine?


  3. Wow, Michael, thanks so much for the inclusion of GDC. It really is an honor, and if you didn’t already know, yours is on my own very, very short list of award-worthy blogs.

    Hope you and yours are having a blessed holiday break.

  4. Wow… I’m surprised and thankful I made the cut, especially since yours is one of my favorite sites. I like blogs that make me think, and you, Michael have one such blog.

    Thanks again for the honor.

  5. I am not worthy, I am not worthy. (To which hordes of people agree.)

    Michael, coming from you, this is high honour, indeed, and much appreciated.

    As well, ’tis rather august company to be included in.

  6. “F-R-A-G-I-L-E.” “It must be Italian!”

    Michael, I’m REALLY not worthy. Thanks so much for the nod. Does #1 get an actual lamp? Did you send a leg lamp to Ben Witherington? 🙂

    God bless!

  7. iMonk,

    Thank you for considering CGO one of your Top 10 for 2007. That’s high praise because, as busy-ness increases, I’m reading fewer and fewer blogs these days, but internet monk and BHT are two that beckon me repeatedly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Great list and worthwhile reading. For an “honorable mention,” I’d nominate Bishop Will Willimon’s “A Peculiar Prophet.”

  9. Hey thanks for a list of great blogs. I found yours through emergent village. I’m excited to check some of them out.

  10. Good list. I always enjoy Ben, Peter, Bill, and Trevin.


  11. I’ve been off-line most of this Christmas week and just found this. Thanks, Michael. I’m humbled and delighted to be mentioned in the same list with some of the rest of these guys. Blessings– and happy new year!!

  12. johanna Hurnard says

    just found imonk

    tanks to you very much for your past work to His glory forever and ty for the list of these bloggers –I will certainly be reading a lot in the next week–

    A New Years Eve toast to Yeshua H. –the only mediator between god and man -not a pope, priest or leader with words of knowledge

    May you all fast anger unforgiveness and bitterness in the month of January 2008 and if dissappointed get re-appointed !

    Praise The Lord Jesus , our King


  13. Thanks for the referrals; I am always looking for quality blogs. I linked to you off of The Gospel Driven Church.

  14. Wow, having written several Top 10 lists recently, it’s nice to know how cool it is to be on one. Thanks for the mention and the referrals to several other blogs, including yours, I’ll be adding to my reader.

  15. what an idea, good point

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