January 24, 2021

It’s a Comedy Bit…I think…It does sound familiar…


  1. Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh! The clip shows two wildly differing and accepted views of church…neither of which is very Christ like. The all-loving vicar in the colorful frock and the pasty face vicar of condemnation.

  2. Ugh. I’ve been to too many churches who have leaders similar to the Snape-like vicar.

  3. I think I went to his church once. Stirring sermon,fire, brimstone, but when I went forward for Communion all hell broke lose!

  4. LOLOL….. I like the “you’ve thought about eternity for 25 minutes and think you’ve come to some interesting conclusions”… great clip, thanks for sharing that!

  5. I think I’ll try that approach–wonder how long I’d last? 🙂

  6. “I couldn’t give a hapney jiz for your Internet assembled philosophy!”

    I haven’t laughed that hard in quite some time. Loved this. Absolutely hysterical.

  7. Lol, I’m going to join the chorus who has pastors like the Vicar.

  8. I think the Good Samaritan skit from the same show is even funnier:

  9. I think I peed a little.

  10. Interesting how some people react to the vicar.
    People driven away from churches by a similar type of person see him as an exact replica of a stereotypical minister. Not funny at all, just realistic. Those who stuck around and keep going to church see him more as comically exemplifying the little flaws and tendencies common to all in the profession to varying degrees.

    Lol Jesus didn’t recognize it was really such a PC environment. Cause we all know He was the poster boy for PC, right?

  11. Robert Hager says

    Hehe, I’ze like the vicar! No nonsense, head on the target, whatever! 🙂

    The first one was very pythonescque. Thanks anyway, monk! 🙂

    On a more serious note, don’t be arsed off with those closeminded christians, help em see the light of day!



  12. Thanks for a good chuckle 🙂

  13. ROFL.

    “At least leave a quid for the upkeep!”

  14. I guess I am a dinosaur or worse, but I find the good Samaritan routine offensive. First of all it would not be a bit funny if it were not about Jesus. If you like that sort of thing, OK. But there is so much ignorance about the Saviour and so many who wish to view him in this “He was just another bloke” light , that is just doesn’t sit well with me. Also I have an aversion to White, Anglo Jesus. Just my own tastes, don’t hate me, it is bad for your soul.

  15. I assume that Christians would be offended by elements of both. But both are windows into non-believers see us and see Jesus and his teachings. If I were challenged on the story of the Good Samaritan along those lines, I’d be quite put off. But I think I need to see that perspective. My faith and the scriptures aren’t a slam dunk to all who encounter them.

  16. I am glad it OK to be not OK with some things. Thanks for that.

  17. As I wrote above, I did find the “Good Samaritan” bit funny. For me it was in part just a matter of the incongruity of putting late-20th-Century words and thoughts into the mouths and minds of these 1st Century characters. But I do think that it in part was due to having Jesus as the main character. I did not see this like iMonk does: as showing how others see Jesus. At least not necessarily — maybe iMonk is right. Maybe this was a case of the creators of the skit taking “a friendly [or not-so-friendly] pop at” Jesus, and by extension, his followers. But I instead thought that it was supposed to be a funny take on the telling of the parable — funny precisely because this is not what we or they think of Jesus as being like. But, as I’ve already admitted, maybe I’m wrong and the creators [I guess this would be the proverbial case of man “returning the favor” and creating God in man’s own image] are saying that this is how they view Jesus.

  18. See, and I figured the “Good Samaritan” bit made a good point—not everyone back then was automatically prejudiced against Samaritans. But Pharisees largely were, and Jesus was speaking to Pharisees at the time. Had He told that parable to secular Jews or Romans, they’d have said pretty much what the group in that sketch said.

    Nowadays when I retell that parable, I replace “Samaritan” with “Mormon” in talking to Christians, and “Republican” when talking to pagans. (Before you get offended, you have to remember what sort of pagans I talk to.)

  19. Was that a Lutheran church? Or was it just Anglican?

  20. Loved them both…laughed long and loud…great way to start a Monday morning…

    AND…as a Christian, and a Pastor, I am more offended that there are churches actually like this than I am by the skit itself. If we can’t laugh at ourselves, and hopefully LEARN…well, then we are all in trouble…

    But then…I also laughed through “The Life of Brian”…and most other things Monty Python did…all you have to say is “parrot” to get me going…

  21. Both are hilarious. Thanks!
    It’s a good juxtaposition also. The two muddle-headed visitors in the first skit are just like the “let’s all be good to each other” Jesus in the second.

    As an aside, my understanding of the parable is that Jesus Himself is the Good Samaritan. Does anyone else understand it that way?

  22. “As an aside, my understanding of the parable is that Jesus Himself is the Good Samaritan. Does anyone else understand it that way?”

    Most of the early Church fathers did.

  23. I found myself chuckling at both, perhaps for different reasons. The Vicar is how many folks see Christians, and the young couple is funny in their own right.

    The Good Samaritan piece got me chuckling in spite of myself. I revere and worship Jesus. He would not speak of people in the way the video has him speak of Samaritans, as is evidenced by his actions. I also found the way the disciples contradicted him ridiculous. But the way they reflected modern-day attitudes and used modern phrases was so incongruous it got me laughing.

    Samaritans were basically universally hated by the Jews of the day (Pharisees and others), and vice-versa. That’s the main point of the parable. Jesus was describing who our neighbor is. There are other points, too. The priest and the Levite who went by were obeying the law – the cleanliness law. They ranked that law higher than helping their neighbor. The Samaritan treated the man as a neighbor.

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