October 29, 2020

Isaiah Six Reviews The Baptist Hymnal 2008

I am very interested in hymnals as the best conservators of a broad, deep and diverse selection of worship music for the church today. A good hymnal is a post-evangelical’s friend.

The Baptist Hymnal (also called The Worship Hymnal) 2008 has been reviewed at Isaiah Six and if you are interested in worship music check this out. This hymnal project is the first to begin to use the abilities of the internet to expand both the content of the hymnal and the online resources to use along with it.

I’ve been looking at my copy for a couple of weeks, and I am thoroughly impressed.

Check out the review and acquire a copy.


  1. Let me tag in my two cents. Our church just got this hymnal a few weeks ago and it is wonderful. This past week, I was able to use it to introduce a new contemporary song that many didn’t know and many are excited at the prospect of having new songs to sing alongside the classics of our tradition. I can highly recommend this hymnal as well.