January 15, 2021

Introducing Clay Spencer

clay.jpgI’ve been reluctant to post any of my 18 year old son’s writing here at IM, but clearly, now is the time. If this piece doesn’t belong here, nothing does.

Clay has a number of literary gifts. He’s working to improve them, but what impresses me is that he writes life, and he finds Jesus in life. These days he’s finding life in the (flawed) family of Jesus followers and on the UK campus.

I believe my son is going to be the writer I wanted to be. This piece on a “street preacher” he encountered on campus reminds me that Jesus is still being mocked and spit upon all the time. If we love Jesus, we’ll know Jesus when we see him on the street or elsewhere. He will probably upset us, leave us mad at the world and ourselves, and refuse the easy answers and categories.

I think Clay knows the Jesus I want to know.

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Clay’s poetry is published at EthosHQ


  1. Well, for one thing, he is an excellent writer. Beautifully done. Secondly, I felt for him as he left in anger with his ipod playing. Totally identify! I’ve run across street-preachers before. On the one hand, there’s something admirable about it. On the other hand, there’s something wrong with it… like there’s a chip missing or something… a bug in the system… like a hair you find in your soup at a restaurant… just a little off to make it totally disgusting. You almost want to shout out, “Hey folks, this isn’t quite it!” thus spoke churchpundit!

  2. the kid’s talented. Thanks for sharing that…

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