January 16, 2021

Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

I’m getting interviewed all over the place. Must be a very slow time of year.

I’m interviewed in the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine’s issue on “Evangelicalism’s Winter.” I’m really proud of this interview. It answers a lot of questions about post-evangelicalism. Special thanks to Eric Landry at MR to be in the same pages with some of my heroes.

Tony Kummer at the Said At Southern Podcast interviewed me about blogging, the SBC and Jesus Shaped Evangelicalism. This podcast should be up in a day or two. I’ll update here when it does.

One of my dreams has been to make contact with Drew Marshall and to be on his radio program. Thanks to Bill Kinnon for hooking me up with Canada’s own post-evangelical wild man. Drew Marshall has a program that everyone who reads IM will want to make a regular part of your week. I’ll be on this Saturday, along with Daryl Dash and Bill Kinnon, about 2:30 EST.

The Drew Marshall program archive is here.

My most recent interview with Steve Brown has already been posted.

I’ve not yet been interviewed by the ladies on The View, but I’m available.


  1. Excellent interview with the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine, Michael.

  2. I echo JoanieD: Excellent interview with the current issue of Modern Reformation magazine, Michael.

    When things need saying, Michael Spencer will say them!

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Drew Marshall? Isn’t he the guy who “looks for Christians with Holy Hand Grenades up their butts and pulls the pins”? Sounds like my kind of crazy.

  4. Rob Lofland says

    “So, as any reading of the comments at my blog will reveal, many post-evangelicals are alone and feel isolated and homeless in evangelicalism.” from the Modern Reformation interview.

    And so we describe Mr. Lofland.

  5. Echoing the sentiment about MR. I got to thinking a little bit about something you said therein: Maybe there’s something inherent in Lutheran ecclesiology (them being “closer to the center” and all) that keeps any Piper- or Sproul-esque characters from emerging?

  6. Scott Miller says

    I was pleasantly surprised to see your interview when I was reading through the latest MR. It was an expert description that your post-evangelicalism is not anti-evangelicalism but a return to many aspects of Reformation fullness – the liturgy, the creeds, etc. I have pointed several people to internetmonk and they don’t seem to get it. They think that you are railing against the church, because to them the evangelical exerience is that emotional gobbledygook that they see every Sunday morning, that stresses experience and mysticism over Christ crucified. Your interview laid it out perfectly.

  7. I’m railing against gobbledygook, yes I am.

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