January 21, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #96

podcast_logo.gifWhat’s happening to the IM website? Dragged down front and made to dance.

Jake Colsen.com
So You Don’t Want To Go To Church?
The God Journey. An absolute must for IM readers. Go to “Recent Episodes” and listen to “Who Is This God?”

You all need to buy “The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church” and more Reformation theology gifts from New Reformation Press.


  1. Another great podcast! You bring up some great questions. Real food for thought.

    Glad you will be continuing your work on the net in another incarnation.

  2. Wow, how convicting it is to realize how manipulative we can be as Christian leaders… The couple’s feeling compelled to dance when they didn’t really feel like it made me stop and evaluate the times I have done that to people in our congregation, in wanting them to jump on board in projects etc. Ouch! But thanks I needed that, Michael. God bless you in the next steps of the journey with the upcoming new format.

  3. When Former Leader commented earlier on your The God Journey Podcast post I downloaded the Transition Series and then listened to it and it really helped me to see many things from a different perspective and so I would like to repeat the recommendation from Former Leader here: “I also strongly recommend Wayne’s audio “Transition Series” that you can also download for free. It gives a bit of an audio version of his wonderful book of grace and the theology of the cross that is found in his book, “He Loves Me.” You can see so much of both in The Shack’s writings.”

    It is on Lifestream.org’s home page at a link to the left of the page entitled Transition. http://www.lifestream.org/transition/transition.html

  4. I love God and serve him. I cant find a church that suites me.So my church is the internet.
    I have strong desire to be where I can be in some place to move up closer to God. The Christian churches I dont seam to belong. I have always been shy around to many people. I pray and study but I wont more closeness with God. What about Orthodox churches or a church with monks only? Michael

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