January 16, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #90

podcast_logo.gifPoets. Larry Norman. Coming full circle in the church. Chinese students baptized (iow, I was wrong.) Take This Bread.

Larry Norman.

Sara Miles.

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  1. Michael – The Sara Miles link should be “www.saramiles.net”. 🙂

  2. Larry Norman will be missed…

  3. I think Sara Miles is on to something.

    In the 23rd Psalm it is written, “You have set a table before me in the presence of my enemies; …”

    God knows what we are all about, and it ain’t Him. We are at heart, unbelievers. (that’s why we still continue in our sins… everyday)

    But, He invites us (His enemies) to eat with Him around his table (represented by the altar).

    This is a tangible way for us to be assured of God’s love, His forgiveness, and His acceptance of us. He is there, in, under, and with ordinary elements. “This IS my body…this IS my blood…” This takes the assurance project out of our hands where it would otherwise (and still does anyway,at times)naturally go.

    Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper…two awesome gits of assurance to us.

    Thanks Michael, and thanks Sara.

    – Steve

  4. I love Larry. As a young Christian Catholic, I was introduced to Larry Norman by evangelical friends. “Some said he was an outlaw . . . ” Enter the peace of Christ dear brother.

  5. I first heard the news of Larry’s departure when I checked the Imonk website during my lunch break at work a week ago Monday. I had kind of expected this at some point, knowing how frail he had been for so long. I was profoundly touched by this news and decided I needed to take the afternoon off. Like you Michael, I had discovered Larry’s music when I was a young Christian in the mid-70s. God used Larry’s gifts to help me through some great times and some hard times too. Musically, Larry’s work impacted me like no Christian has since. I drove home, grabbed some Larry CDs and my mountain bike, and headed for the woods where I spent the next few hours singing, weeping, praying, and riding my butt off. I kind of had my very own Larry Norman memorial trail ride. I was happy that Larry was with the One he loved so much, yet I was sad for the difficulties (both undeserved and sometimes self-inflicted) that characterized much of his life. I guess, most of all, I’ll miss that voice “that cried in the wilderness” in such a unique and powerful way. That was pretty courageous in the face of so many that opposed his vision, back in the day. We will miss you Larry.”Enter into the joy of the Lord…”

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