November 25, 2020

Internet Monk Radio Podcast 9

Internet Radio Podcast 9. First time using Garageband, but I mixed the sound quality way down to get the file smaller. I’m pleased overall. Topics: I am awarded “Spirit of AntiChrist.” The Coffeehouse. Evangelical Fanboys. CCM Patrol. Technology report.


  1. I think it’s awfully ungrateful of you to accept an award and not attribute the giver. 😉

    But I eventually found it. My brain is still stinging from all the Christianese.

    Maybe that’s why you didn’t point it out — for our own protection. I’ll never doubt you again!!

  2. Well, I attracted the attention (and ire) of the award-giver today. Now, if I actually get a (negative) mention in his blog, I’ll know that I have arrived. I’m not foolish enough, though, to think I could attain the lofty prize that you received. 😉