January 21, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #80

podcast_logo.gifVarious Christmas thoughts. On seeing Golden Compass. Merton’s Day. On Post-evangelicalism.


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  1. I’m currently reading my first Merton book (“No Man Is an Island”) after hearing you talk about him for quite some time and have found his writing to be very helpful and enlightening. When he comes to the topics, his views on communion and baptism are unashamedly Catholic, but he makes a point in the beginning that while he isn’t going to push his Catholic views, he’s not going to deviate from them either. I’m only half way through, but thus far I would recommend it to just about anybody. You’ll just have to let Merton be Merton on his Catholic viewpoints, but nonetheless he’s a great writer, and I agree with you that it’d be good if others took the time to read him.

    Thanks to recommending him. You’re the first person I’ve heard talk about him honestly.

  2. Kurt McInnis says


    I’m with you on Sufjan. Watched an Austin City Limits performance where he and his huge band wore butterfly wings. I’m pretty open to new music, but I’m having to try too hard on this one. I think we might look to Acts 17:21 for the answer. New = cool, always when you are “relevant.”

  3. Go on, write the book already.

    [Name deleted] would challenge you to a debate. The matchstick guys would prolly get a whole series of posts out of it. Piper would write a book to refute it. CBD would put it on the same catalog page with Osteen. I would buy it and recommend it to all my friends.

    What could possibly be holding you back?

  4. “How much free inquiry was going on in the Soviet Union…?” — IMonk

    Because the USSR had made their form of Atheism (i.e. their political system) into their State Religion. Including missionaries to spread the True Faith (the Red Army and Agitprop), a Priesthood who in turn received Divine Right to Rule (The Party), and an Inquisition to stamp out all heresy (the Cheka/OGPU/NKVD/KGB). And True Believers like the Khmer Rouge took it even further…

  5. I-Monk,

    More irony about Merton’s death. Karl Barth died that very same day. Two of the 20th Century’s greatest spiritual/theological writers.

    As Merton flew home from Thailand on that US Air Force plane (also used to transport American Troops from Vietnam), I’m sure he was a little uneasy, looking down from above.

    Nice blog.


  6. Michael,

    Thanks for the recommendation of KDFC 102.1. My family and I have been listening and enjoying for a week or so, and I have also recommended it to my church. Interesting how a San Francisco classical station plays such Christ-honoring, majestic music. I would much rather listen to their selections than my local Christian station’s. God bless you this Advent and Christmas.


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