January 27, 2021

Internet Monk Radio Podcast #78

podcast_logo.gifStrengthen your marriage now. Our own magisterium?


Internet Monk Radio is on iTunes Podcasts for free. Search for Monk. I’ll appear right under monkeys.


  1. while your assumption that the majority of your podcast audience is younger may indeed be correct, please don’t assume they aren’t interested in hearing about issues that older men are facing in their journey. i for one always appreciate an older, wiser man sharing the good and the bad of his own journey. as you said, it’s not simply about having an empty nest, it’s about a life lesson about building a solid foundation in marriage that sustains it throughout it’s many stages.

  2. I would like to hear more about the whole carb thing.

    I am a carb addict who has successfully done Atkins in the past – and subsequently fallen off the wagon.
    I have had the same symptoms – eat carb laden dinner, sit down to read – wake up 6 hours later. As you said, it’s like being drugged. And that’s not even counting the sweets.

    Other than eat less bad carbs, I would be interested in any other practical things that have worked for you.

  3. hi
    what is the website that sounds like petrolmag.com

  4. I’m going to create a Facebook group: “I’m over 40, and I listen to Internet Monk.”

  5. Hey, there really is an Internet Monk Facebook group!

    Of course, I’m the oldest member.

  6. MS,

    I finally checked out Patrol. It is an interesting site. It reminds me a little of Relevant Magazine’s site and also The Phantom Tollbooth. However, it seems like Patrol just reviews all the major releases (both secular and CCM) and not little gems that I find in Relevant and Phantom Tollbooth. However, I will have to see. Also, it seems to have an air of “if it is Christian it sucks” mentality. I know not all Christian music is great and a lot of it is just plain bad (musically), but seriously music is such a subjective thing. Some people absolutely hate Dylan (because his voice is bad), but lyrically and instrumentally he is a genius to me.

    I also have to say “Amen” on the Reformed Magesterium rant. I wholly agree. I don’t really check the Reformed blogs too often (I just get bad vibes from most of them most of the time), but I do find an air of superiority from a lot of Reformed people I have met. It is unfortunate, but really many Evangelicals are and can be the same way. Interesting comments. Thanks.


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